Tuscany region EDUCATIONAL ROBOTICS: SANT'ANNA school biorobotics institute PRESENTS LATEST RESULTS and developments

Robotics is a learning tool for educational transformation: digital technologies and robotics demonstrated their effectiveness in enabling primary and secondary school students to develop computational thinking.

For three years, the Rete Regionale sulla Robotica Educativa and the Institute of BioRobotics at  Sant’Anna School  have been supporting participation in projects that develop robotics education lessons that engage students in Computer Science, Robotics, and Technology Engineering. A presentation and discussion of the latest results and methods in the field of Educational Robotics will take place on May 28 at Centro di Cultura Mediterranea Sete Sóis Sete Luas (viale Rinaldo Piaggio 82, Pontedera, 10.00 am).

“Our mission was to use the motivational effects of robotics to get Tuscany Region students involved in science and technology, said Paolo Dario, as the project coordinator. “In Tuscany, since 2015, 192 schools (nearly 40%) and 600 teachers have been engaged in the research project. By connecting Tuscany Region Ufficio Scolastico representatives to students and teachers, the community-based RoboToscana networking can become a key-actor for promoting educational robotics. The Italian Ministry of Education has officially accredited RoboToscana. As the world is changing at a rapid pace, I think new educational tools (Lab. activities, regional tournament, competitions, game challenges) need to be introduced in our schools more rapidly than ever before”.

Participants in the Sete Sóis Sete Luas  event include Paolo Dario, project coordinator; Cristina Grieco, Assessore all’Istruzione, Formazione e Lavoro della Regione Toscana; Simone Millozzi, Mayor of Pontedera; Domenico Petruzzo, direttore dell’Ufficio Scolastico Regionale; Liviana Canovai, Assessore all’Istruzione del comune di Pontedera; Lorenzo Pierazzi, RoboToscana network; Elisa Buselli and Massimiliano Vante, from the Institute of BioRobotics  (please see the final agenda here attached).