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RESTART - RESearch and innovation on future Telecommunications systems and networks, to make Italy more smART

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RESTART is a comprehensive program, that aggregates and integrates the main stakeholders of the Italian Telecommunications (TLC) sector, allowing the realisation of specific research projects, with concrete and measurable results, to be jointly carried out by universities, research centres, companies and public administrations, in an overall framework that provides a long-term vision, transversal and supporting actions and adequate tools and enablers. The current fragmentation of research and development is addressed through actions of coordination and synergy between project initiatives, with specific attention to the definition of actions that cover all phases of the path that leads from ideas and research to technological innovation and services, and then to the birth and growth of companies: transparent and verifiable project initiatives, with high economic impact, able to produce long-lasting and sustainable results beyond the NRRP.

RESTART promotes and enables TLC science and technologies advancement, including all kind of related systems and networks, for both human and non-human users (e.g. 5G/6G; high-capacity fixed infrastructures, IoT, edge/core-cloud); applications and services in the most diverse sectors: agriculture, commerce, energy, finance, industry, media, health, safety/security, transportation. TLC are not only necessary in almost all applications, but can make processes more efficient and flexible, achieving energy savings in other sectors in the order of 10-15%, with a corresponding reduction of CO2 emissions.
RESTART provides enablers that set virtuous circles and an entire sector in motion, leaving concrete and lasting results at the end of the plan, specifically: i) structural improvement of research and development in the sector, with a long-term vision; ii) strengthening of the link between scientific excellence and business; iii) ability to use TLC in the most diverse sectors; iv) specific initiatives targeted to industrial districts and to the South of Italy, including the support to the design and creation of technological islands and ecosystems, such as private 5G/6G networks with associated.


Università degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata



Fondazione RESTART



  • Spoke 1 “Pervasive and Photonic Network Technologies and Infrastructures” – (SSSA Principal Investigator: Piero Castoldi)
  • Spoke 2 “Integration of Networks and Services” (SSSA Principal Investigator: Ernesto Ciaramella)
  • Spoke 5 “Industrial and Digital Transition Networks” (SSSA Principal Investigator: Piero Castoldi)


Institutes/Research Centers involved

TECIP Institute



36 months (1 January 2023 - 31 December 2025)


Budget SSSA

2.161.169,00 euro