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The EU plan for sustainability and climate neutrality: structures, logic and dynamics of the Green Deal

SDG 17: Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development
Green deal

This thematic area refers to the overall construction and underlying dynamics of the European Green Deal. Attention is directed to the specific role played by the European Union in the transition towards sustainability and in the fight against climate change, which is essential both with respect to the action of the Member States and with respect to the intergovernmental cooperation promoted in global governance.

The Green Deal is investigated along the following main lines:

  • the internal consistency between objectives and tools, examined with reference to the main transitions undertaken (food, energy, ecological, digital, social, etc.);
  • the value and legal foundations of the strategy, its founding concepts (starting from sustainability and intergenerational equity), its methods of legitimization, its relevance within the process of European integration;
  • a critical reading of the technologies and disciplinary paradigms used to achieve the sustainability objectives of the Green Deal in the so-called "double transition";
  • the social costs of transitions and the possibility of developing tools aimed at reducing inequalities (paying particular attention to the vulnerabilities of some subjects and groups), intervening on the labor market and building sustainable communities, in the perspective of a just ecological transition;
  • the relations of the European Union with the United States, the African and Asian continents with respect to the themes of the Green Deal;
  • the relationships between the Green Deal, the international regulatory framework and the initiatives of intergovernmental and global institutions.

The researchers involved in this thematic area support public institutions, businesses and citizens in understanding and streamlining ongoing processes, using a transdisciplinary approach and interacting with researchers from other areas.