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Assistant professor at the Management and Healthcare Laboratory (Mes Lab) of the Institute of Management, she is currently responsible for the PREMs and PROMs Observatory that continuously collects and reports real-time updated patient feedback on care experience and outcome in the healthcare organizations of Tuscany, Veneto and in the Local Health Authority of Biella (Piemonte). She is a member of the OECD working groups on PREMs and PROMs (PaRIs). She is working on the integration of PROMs and PREMs based indicators into the whole healthcare performance evaluation system developed by the MeS Lab. She has coordinated the project on "Online communication of health care organizations" and the peer-to-peer and social marketing project called "beFood", co-delivered with adolescents.

Her research interests are mainly related to public participation in the evaluation and decision-making processes. Her last research works are focused on the public services' user experience and its use as a quality improvement tool in operational management and lean-approach. Her research also regards user empowerment as an enabler of value co-creation in the public health care system. She collaborates with research projects on methodological, technological, organizational and business innovation in the health system, such as an innovative method to collect patient feedback on their experience with the Emergency Department care, and the mHealth project supporting the experience of women in their maternity pathway, called "hAPPyMamma".

She obtained her Ph.D in Management, Innovation, Health and Sustainability from the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies cum laude, with a thesis entitled: "Co-Creating Value in Healthcare: A multi-stakeholder approach for eHealth innovations", with a Telecom grant. She received the Laurea degree in Marketing from the LUMSA University of Rome, Italy, in 2007, a Master degree in Engineering and Economics of Environment and Territory  from the Roma Tre University of Rome, Italy. Since 2005, she has been working as strategic planner in corporate social responsibility field, and since 2008 in environment and health impact assessment processes. She collaborated with Italian National Research Council, in the Institute of Clinical Physiology.