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Assistant Professor at the Institute of Management and the L'EMbeDS Department, as well as the Management and Healthcare Laboratory (MES Lab), her research interests primarily revolve around public participation in evaluation and decision-making processes. Her recent research focuses on measuring user experience and utilizing it as a tool for quality improvement. Additionally, her research explores user engagement and empowerment as catalysts for value co-creation, with a special emphasis on the public healthcare system. She collaborates on research projects that aim to drive methodological, technological, organizational, and business innovation within the healthcare system. One such project involves an innovative method for gathering user feedback on their experiences, exemplified by the European project "VoiCEs," which collects feedback from children and teenagers regarding their hospitalization experiences.

Her research contributes to the existing literature on value co-creation and co-production by empirically testing assumptions related to the role of context and assets, including technologies that provide real-time updated big data. This research involves both service users and providers as enablers of value co-creation and the diffusion of innovation in the public sector. Her research encompasses key topics such as the utilization, antecedents, and impact of service user-generated indicators derived from surveys that produce big data, particularly in the healthcare industry. Currently, her research focuses on co-assessment processes, a relatively underexplored area in the field of public management, despite its potential role in creating value. She also delves into the concept of value co-destruction, particularly when testing hypotheses concerning the use of big data.

She currently oversees the PREMs and PROMs Observatory which continuously collects and reports real-time updated patient feedback on the experiences and outcomes of healthcare services in various Italian regional healthcare systems. Moreover, she is a member of the OECD working groups on PREMs and PROMs (PaRIs) and is actively involved in integrating PROMs and PREMs-based indicators into the comprehensive healthcare performance evaluation system developed by the MES Lab. She is also leading a nationwide project aimed at gathering the opinions of Italian residents on public healthcare services, particularly in primary care.