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Vice-Rector and Pro-Rectors

In order to execute her mandate the Rector appoints a Vice-Rector who acts in her place in the performance of all duties connected to that office in case of impediment or of temporary absence of the Rector.

The Rector may also allocate the role of Pro-Rector to persons chosen from among the School’s teaching and research staff, delegating that person matters of specific relevance.


with tasks of linking among the Institutes in the field of research

Vice-Rector for training and higher education programmes

with the support of prof. Francesco Testa

Vice-Rector for Outreach and Impact

with the support of team composed by Prof. Cesare Stefanini, Prof. Alberto di Minin, Prof. Caterina Sganga and a referent for Institute.

Vice-Rector for international relations

Vice-Rector for the Digital Strategy and Information Technology Services

Delegate for university orientation

Delegate for social mobility

Delegate for disability and inclusion

Coordinator of Placement project

Coordinatore Progetto STEM

Coordinatore Progetto Scuola di Educazione Civica