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Debora Zrinscak


PhD student at BioRobotics Institute (Oct 2018 - Oct 2021)
Soft robotics - HybridHeart FET EU-funded Project

Master thesis student at BioRobotics Institute (Sept 2017 - Sept 2018)
Development of a bioinspired actuation system for a soft robotic artificial heart

Vulcanus in Japan Student (Sept 2016- Sept 2017)
"Social Robotics: the future is here" - EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, Tokyo

M.Sc. in Mechatronic Engineering at Politecnico di Torino. (Sept 2014- Sept 2018) 
"Study and design of a bioinspired actuation system for a soft robotic total artificial heart" - BioRobotics Institute (Sept 2017-Sept 2018)

B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) at Università degli studi di Pavia. (Sept 2011- Sept 2014)
"Development and control of a Lego Mindstorm path-following vehicle" - Università degli studi di Pavia (May 2014 - Sept 2014)

Contributo in Atti Convegno (Proceeding)

Soft robotics actuation solutions and bioinspired mechatronic systems.
Currently working on the EU-funded HybridHeart project, aiming to the development of a biocompatible soft robotic total artificial heart.

D’Accolti D., Zrinscak D., Manti M., Cianchetti M., Preliminary study on a magnetically driven soft robotic total artificial heart, (2018) GNB VI National Congress of Bioengineering

Bondì G., Zrinscak D., Cianchetti M., Design and development of an origami-based pump for soft robotics wearable applications, (2020) GNB VII National Congress of Bioengineering

Lorenzon L., Zrinscak D., Maselli M., Cianchetti M., Modelling and characterization of a Soft Inverse Pneumatic Artificial Muscle, (2021) ACTUATOR; International Conference and Exhibition on New Actuator Systems and Applications 2021, pp. 1-4.


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