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Psychosocial Interventions in Migration, Emergency and Displacement

Focus area: 
Human rights, conflict management and development cooperation
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna - Sede
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from 03.07.2017 to 15.07.2017
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The Course is open to psychologists, social workers, educators-teachers, medical doctors and psychiatrists, nurses, applied artists, humanitarian workers, emergency experts, development workers or similar, who meet the following minimum requirements:

• Have at least a 3 years University degree or equivalent in relevant disciplines, issued by a University institution or equivalent.

• Have at least 2 years of work experience in a related field.

• Have a proficient working knowledge of English.

The psychosocial approach responds to the threats brought by disruptive events, or predicaments of life to the notion of individual, group and collective identity. For this reason said approach proves especially useful in situations where individual, group and community identity and roles are questioned, challenged, annihilated, in need for reconstruction-readjustment, as is the case of migration and displacement forced by wars, disasters, collective socioeconomic vulnerabilities, and return. That is why psychosocial activities have become an indispensable component of humanitarian responses to emergency displacement.

Yet, a non-harmonized approach to and understanding of psychosocial support tend to characterize those interventions.

The focus of the Course is on providing a given frame of understanding of the psychosocial dimension of displacement and crisis-affected societies, while presenting harmonized ethics, approaches and tools associated with psychosocial support.


The course will provide a given frame of understanding of the psychosocial dimension of migration, displacement and crisis-affected societies, as well as of the processes within the migration cycle of vulnerable groups, all while presenting harmonized ethics, approaches and tools associated with psychosocial support.

The course will enable participants to acknowledge the complexity of MHPSS Interventions in crisis situations or during the migration process, conceptualize holistic responses, understand the interrelation of the different sectorial responses and gain advanced specific knowledge in each sector of intervention.

How to apply:

The selection process managed by the Scuola will be held in two rounds. The application deadline for the first round is set on 10th April 2017, while the application deadline for the second round is set on 10th May 2017.                                                                                

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for admission in the first round. This is especially valid for those who are citizens of non-EU countries in order to have enough time to obtain their visa. The second round of selection will take place only in the event that the minimum number of sufficiently qualified candidates is not met during the first round.

Applications shall be submitted online at:


At the end of the Course, only participants who have attended at least 80% of the classes, have passed the final assessment and have paid all the tuition fee, will receive a Certificate of Attendance


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Chiara Macchi
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