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CROSSROADS - The EU under siege. Politics, Law and Institutional Reform After the 2024 elections

Seasonal School Crossroad


Deadline for Registration

September 1st, 2024


Giuseppe Martinico, David Natali, Edoardo Bressanelli


September 30th-October 4th, 2024

Learning objectives

The CROSSROADS Seasonal School aims to provide participants with the tools to understand how the European Union has changed since the June 2024 elections and the election of a new European Parliament and European Commission. Specifically, it aims to investigate the policy challenges to which the new European institutions will be called upon to respond – will the objectives of the European Green Deal be confirmed? Will the new EU always stand by Ukraine? How will it deal with illiberal democracies? At the same time, it will focus on major institutional changes. What are the new political equilibria in the new European Parliament, and what effects are they likely to produce? How has the new Commission been chosen, and what about developments in the institutional framework? Finally, the Italian case will be investigated. What is the impact of the new EU institutional set-up on the government in Rome?

By the end of the School, students will be able to:

  1. Critically analyse the key developments in European Politics after the European Parliament elections (6-9 June 2024) and their impact at the national and supranational levels;
  2. Develop methodological skills – across different disciplines, perspectives and approaches – to assess the complexity of the crisis;
  3. Gain advanced knowledge of EU politics and law and acquire transferable skills to work in the EU institutions, think-tanks, interest groups, and in academia.

Teaching methodologies

Students will be exposed to a problem-based and research-led teaching methodology and will be asked to actively contribute to the programme. Classes will be interactive and mix frontal teaching with case-studies, simulations, group discussions and presentations. Practitioners and policy experts will participate to the program presenting their experience.

Target participants

Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students from different backgrounds (for instance, but not exclusively, law, political science, economics, management, languages, history, philosophy) with a strong interest on EU law and politics.

About us

Here are some statements released by the previous editions’ winners of the merit award offered by Fondazione Il Talento all’Opera and Fondazione EY.


Coordinator and key teaching staff


  • Francesca Biondi Dal Monte (teaching staff)
  • Giacomo Delledonne (teaching staff)
  • Anna Loretoni (teaching staff)
  • Edoardo Chiti (teaching staff)