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Industry Studies

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Economics and management of the insurance services industry

In the past two decades the insurance services industry has been affected by several important changes (technological, regulatory, cultural) which have led to the introduction of innovations in a market which is traditionally highly regulated and largely domestic. The market of insurance services all over the world, and particularly in Europe, as a consequence is becoming more open and competitive giving rise to interesting economic and managerial research questions. Among the most relevant topics studied as part of this line of research, also in an international comparative perspective, are: the analysis of the productivity and efficiency of insurance companies, the dynamics of the insurance industry, regulation and deregulation measures in the insurance industry, marketing and distribution strategies of insurance services, internationalization and M&A strategies, the impact of ICT on the insurance business, development of new insurance product and services, integration of the insurance business with the banking and the financial businesses.

The deregulation of the pharmaceutical industry and its retail market

The Italian  pharmaceutical retail market is highly regulated. Recent intentions and initiatives to liberate the pharmaceutical retail chain, by for example allowing medicines to be sold in supermarkets, and to allow vertical and horizontal integration, aim at increasing efficiency and at reducing prices. Present research monitors the development and the effects of the so-called "Bersani decree". The target is to identify a balanced degree of (de)regulation for this specific market and suggest policy strategies to the government and the Italian Antitrust Agency.