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Big Data

Big data

The term "Big Data" usually refers to the phenomenon associated with large amount of data that are available and usable thanks to digital technologies. At the Institute of Management, a research group works closely with the Department of Excellence L'Embeds of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies to conduct research and training activities on the impact of Big Data on corporate innovation and organizational processes.
The ability to collect and analyze large amounts of data, in the face of an ever-increasing complexity of the environment, will help companies (both small and large, both profit and non-profit) to develop more effective strategies and fair behavior helpful to implement inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Research Group

The research group, consisting of Giulio Ferrigno, Andrea Piccaluga, Alberto Di Minin, Saverio Barabuffi and Enrico Marcazzan, collaborates with teachers, researchers, students, and research centers to study the impact of Big Data on companies and develop meaningful practices about their use.
The group’s aim is to produce high-quality scientific and educational research, and to play an active role in promoting the construction of "SoBigData", a Big Data European research infrastructure.

Key activities

  1. Research projects - The team has been involved in many Big Data research projects. One of them concerns the impact of Big Data on the Open Innovation practices of innovative Italian SMEs.
  2. Masters in Big Data Analytics & Social Mining - Lecturer in the Data Driven Innovation course of the Master in Big Data Analytics & Social Mining.
  3. SoBigData++ and SoBigData PPP - The Institute's research team, under the direction of the "SoBigData" project, will be involved in the development of the research infrastructure both on the issue of technology transfer (and therefore on the diffusion and acceleration of innovation among the European project partners, WP 5 of “SoBigData++”). Moreover, the research team will develop and implement a business model to promote the economic and financial sustainability of the project (WP 3 of "SoBigData PPP").