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Governance mechanisms for healthcare systems

A distinctive feature of the MeS Laboratory is its close collaboration with health organizations and institutions at regional and national level. The MeS Laboratory team has developed the Performance Evaluation System, currently patented and adopted by the Tuscany Region and the Network of Regions which make up the majority of the Italian Regions.
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The performance of regional systems and health organizations are assessed for their ability to: promote the health of the population; translate strategies into results; guarantee the quality of care; improve the patient experience; build an adequate organizational climate; promote health security; achieve all the above objectives through the correct use of resources. The performance evaluation system through the representation of the so-called “Target” ("Bersaglio") with five evaluation bands (from poor performance to optimal performance) summarizes the performance of over 200 indicators at regional and company level.

Since 2017, the “Pentagram” ("Pentagramma") has been added, which shows the performance of care pathways. The performance appraisal system was used to identify priorities and set challenging goals.

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