Rector Sabina Nuti announced new Vice-Rectors and Director General to implement strategic plans promoting excellence and widening participation

Rector Sabina Nuti announced the appointment of Vice Rectors, with effect from 2 January 2020. Vice Rectors will support the Rector in providing strategic leadership and operational planning across the Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies. Sant’Anna School’s commitment to delivering excellence will include implementing measures to ensure an outstanding education, innovative research and social engagement. The objectives and results goal-setting framework as defined in June 2019 and formally approved by the Academic Senate in October 2019, will engage academia and staff to achieving results.

The list of Vice-Rectors appointed, consisting of three men and three women, is as follows:

  • Deputy Vice-Rector Arianna Menciassi shall be responsible for Research activities and research policy development. She has been appointed on 14 May 2019. She is currently Professor of Industrial Bio-engineering at the Biorobotics Institute;
  • Deputy Vice-Rector Andrea de Guttry shall be responsible for Advanced Education and Postgraduate studies. He is currently Professor of International Law at the Dirpolis Institute;
  • Deputy Vice-Rector Paolo Dario shall be responsible for Third Mission activities. He is currently professor of Industrial Bio-engineering at the Biorobotics Institute. Professor Dario is supported by Cesare Stefanini, Alberto di Minin and Caterina Sganga Faculty team (engineering, economics and law sectors).
  • Deputy Vice-Rector Andrea Mina shall be responsible for International Relations. He is currently professor of Economics and Politics at the Institute of Economics. Mina is supported by six faculty members from the Sant’Anna School Institutes;
  • Deputy Vice-Rector Gaetana Morgante shall be responsible for Prospective Students activities and Social Mobility. She is currently Professor of Criminal Law at the Dirpolis Institute;
  • Deputy Vice-Rector Elena Vivaldi shall be responsible for Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities. She is currently a researcher of Constitutional Law at the Dirpolis Institute.

On November 26, the Board of Governors of Scuola Normale Superiore, Sant’Anna School and Scuola IUSS Pavia Consortium has appointed Alessia Macchia as the new General Director, with effect from January 2020. She holds a degree in economics and she has more than ten years’ experience in healthcare sector and higher education administrative posts at the Asl - Lucca and Scuola IMT Alti Studi Lucca. Alessia Macchia is replacing Luca Bardi who completed his seven years term of office. Luca Bardi will take on a new leadership role at the Politecnico di Milano.

“The appointment of Vice-Rectors and Alessia Macchia as General Director completes the strategic reshaping of Sant’Anna School’s executive leadership team – said Rector Sabina Nuti – The team will focus on Sant’Anna School to be confirmed as a high-quality public institution. It will allocate resources for the implementation of our vision and mission. We work to recognize talent as a strategy to lead growth and sustainability in a world that is diverse and inclusive”.

Merit and commitment to widening participation– added Sabina Nuti – represent a successful strategy to drive development and social mobility in pursuit of equity. I am confident that we will make a positive impact as the quality and reputation of our institution strengthens further. Our responsibilities will include collaborations with private and public institutions to facilitate and accelerate the sharing of research on relevant topics as climate change, new digital technologies equity and inclusion to improve quality of life for future generations. Finally, I would like to give special thanks to Luca Bardi for his expertise, dedication and support over the past eight years of his term in the role of General Director”.

“As Alessia Macchia moves into a leadership role at Sant’Anna School ensuring continuity and the ongoing development of capability across the institutions, I am very happy to highlight the importance of aligning strategy and enhanced cooperation through our organizations Scuola IMT Alti Studi Lucca and Sant’Anna School Pisa. We believe our institutions’ success and sustainability is dependent on leadership continuity”, said Scuola IMT Director Pietro Pietrini.

Lucca and Pisa, as well as Scuola IMT Alti Studi with Sant’Anna School, work together with the aim of sharing their common visions and goals to collaborate in the years to come. A shared vision for an effective succession management has led to the appointment of Alessia Macchia as the Sant’Anna School General Director.

“Succession key process helps us to provide continuity and to ensure successful performance at a higher level leadership. Public sector leaders can inspire and reinvigorate institutions about their common mission and improve any concrete development strategy,” said Pietro Pietrini and Sabina Nuti in a joint statement.