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II Level Honour Course in Data Science related to L'EMbeDS

Leveraging new courses and research trajectories generated by the L’EMbeDS community, the Sant’Anna School will launch a new Area and II level (Master’s) Diploma in Data Science starting with the 2024-25 academic year. Honors students enrolling in the new Area and Diploma at the School will concurrently enroll in one of two Master of Science degrees (Laurea Magistrale; LM); namely:

  • the LM in Data Science and Business Informatics (LM-18 Computer Science / LM-DATA Data Science) offered by the University of Pisa, which has been available to Sant’Anna Allievi since 2018. This LM provides students with interdisciplinary skills in Data Science, Computing and Statistics, and a focus on applications in the business domain. Graduates of the LM have excellent placement in the private sector, as well as in research organizations and doctoral programs. Among the Sant’Anna Allievi who already graduated from this LM we find: Christian Esposito (graduated in 2020), now a data scientist working on machine learning applied to healthcare and biomedical research at Owkin in Paris (France), Lorenzo Testa (graduated in 2022), now a PhD student in the Statistics & Data Science program at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (PA, USA) and a junior affiliate of L’EMbeDS, and Filippo Michelis (graduated in 2023), who will start a PhD in Statistics in the US in the Fall of 2024.
  • the LM in Statistics and Data Science (LM-82 Statistics) offered by the University of Florence which has just been made available to Sant’Anna Allievi starting with the 2024-25 academic year. This LM introduces students to  foundational methodology in Statistics, Mathematics, Probability and Computing – and to application domains including socio-demographic, economic, biomedical, and environmental research. Students acquire the skills necessary to analyze complex data using modern statistical methods, and play a pivotal role in large corporations, consulting firms, or research institutions.

As the new Area and II level Diploma will become established at the Sant’Anna School, L’EMbeDS faculty and researchers will work to expand training and research opportunities for the students, strengthening coordination and synergies with the faculty of the LM programs at the Universities of Pisa and Florence.