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We welcome Dr. Lorenzo Testa as a L'EMbeDS affiliate

Data pubblicazione: 01.06.2023
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Lorenzo Testa has recently joined L’EMbeDS as a Junior Research Fellow.
He will begin his Ph.D. in Statistics and Data Science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA, later this summer. Lorenzo has recently graduated from Sant’Anna School, where he has been an honors student ("Allievo") for five years. In 2022, he also obtained his M.Sc. in Data Science, and in 2020, he earned his B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Pisa.
Throughout his time as an honors student at Sant'Anna, Lorenzo actively engaged in various research projects, enhancing his academic experience. He also had the opportunity to spend several months at the Statistics Department of Penn State University. There, he exploited sophisticated functional data analysis techniques to analyze COVID-19 epidemiological data. Lorenzo's research interests extend to methodology, with a particular focus on estimation stability and feature selection for complex, structured, and high-dimensional data, such as networks, curves, and surfaces.

"Statistics is one of the main driving forces behind modern science.” – Lorenzo enthusiastically emphasizes – “It is a genuine privilege for me to be involved in this field that sits at the fascinating crossroads of enjoyable mathematics, engaging computer science, and countless domain sciences."