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Extended community

L'EMbeDS comprises faculty, researchers and students from the Institute of Economics, the Institute of Management and the DIRPOLIS Institute at the Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies.

Within such Institutes, our mission is especially aligned - and our activities intertwined - with those of CoMoS (Complexity Modelers' Society) and its CoMoS Climate Change (CCC), Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI), and Economic Dynamics (CED) projects, the MeS lab (Management e Sanita'), the LIDER lab (Laboratorio Interdisciplinare Diritti e Regole) and its Predictive Justice project, and NESCI (Network for Statistical and Causal Inference).

Our ties with research groups outside Sant'Anna include the Quantitative Finance Group (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa) and the KDD lab (CNR and University of Pisa). We are also members of the AI and Data Science Hub for Humans and Society - which coordinates research groups in CNR, UniPi, Sant'Anna, SNS and IMT, and of the Center for Big Data and AI (CBDAI) - a regional Center on Big Data, Data Science and AI which, in addition to those Pisan institutions, includes the Universities of Firenze and Siena.

Various Sant'Anna faculty and researchers who belong to the Class of Experimental Sciences of Sant'Anna have also become official affiliates of EMbeDS, including Tommaso Cucinotta,  Roberto BuizzaEnrico Pe' , Matteo Dell'Acqua and Carlo Alberto Avizzano. Also faculty and researchers outside the School have become affiliates, including Caterina Giannetti (University of Pisa), Sergio Bolasco (Università di Roma La Sapienza), Giovanni De Gasperis (Università degli Studi Dell’Aquila), Guido Cervone (Penn State University), Marco Tedesco (Columbia University) and Marco Pangallo (CENTAI Institute, Torino).