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Socio-Economic impact

We have an established record in translating research into measurable socio-economic impact. Concerning policies in support of innovation and growth, we worked on a broad range of research and consulting projects in collaboration with institutions such as the Initiative for Policy Dialogue, OECD, CEPAL, the European Central Bank, the European Commission, etc. Concerning healthcare systems, from 2008 to date we have involved a number of Italian regions in a large performance evaluation project, which aims to identify the most efficient models and configurations, and study their transferability. Concerning social mobility policies, we conducted a research-action project with MIUR to assess the effects of “peer-to-peer” coaching, in person visits and online contacts starting in grade school on the likelihood that students from disadvantaged socio-cultural contexts would enroll in the university. Concerning environmental sustainability, we worked with the Italian Ministry for the Environment and the European Commission DG Environment on several studies to assess the impact of sustainable production and consumption policies, Green Public Procurement, and the Circular Economy Package.