Seasonal Schools

What the Seasonal Schools  are​

The Seasonal Schools are training programmes “of excellence”, which are strongly interdisciplinary, and focused on the School’s frontier research topics. They are open to University students enrolled in Bachelor Degree, Masters’ Degree and PhD courses, and who have the same advancement characteristics as the School’s students. The Seasonal Schools are also opportunities for meetings and exchanges with other high-performing students from all over Italy as well as from abroad, to be experienced “inside” our facilities and laboratories.

The Seasonal Schools have a duration of one or two weeks; they are held preferably in English and may be held on-site or online. Participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance at the end of the programme after passing a final examination, with full recognition of the credits (CFU) indicated in each call.

Candidates eligible for admission will be: students enrolled in a Bachelor degree, Masters’ Degree or PhD course at an Italian or foreign university, and who are on track relative to the examinations required by their educational institutions and with an average examination mark at least equal to 27/30 in the Italian system, or at least B in international system.

Access to Seasonal Schools requires a self-certified knowledge of the teaching language at or above B2 level if students are not mother tongue speakers.

Admission to the Seasonal Schools will be decided by a Committee, specifically appointed, which will assess the candidates based on the documentation presented with the application’s submission.


The Calls for Application published at contain all the necessary information on how to participate and what documentation is required in order to submit the application online.


The costs and methods of payment are indicated in the Calls of the individual Seasonal Schools.

Besides attending the lessons, the enrolment fee also includes all the study materials, in addition to full board and lodging in the case of on-site courses.

A reduction in the enrolment fee and travel expenses is available based on the applicant’s ISEE-U PARIFICATO (Equivalent indicator of the economic situation for University) for International students.

A 450€ scholarship provided by Fondazione Talento all’Opera Onlus and Fondazione EY will be assigned to the three best performing participants of each course.

Italian and foreign Universities with specific agreements with Sant’Anna School are entitled to reserved places and to a 10% reduction in the enrolment costs.


Students attending the Seasonal Schools are housed in residential facilities equipped with every modern comfort and all the required services.



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