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AFRICONNECTIONS - Transdisciplinary approaches to Development, Security and Innovation


Deadline for registration 

May 4th, 2024

The outcome of the application will be communicated to all candidates by email after the deadline.


June 24th-28th, 2024

Learning objectives

Africa has a central role to play in developing solutions to the global challenges of the next decades. While the African continent has experienced considerable economic and demographic growth, urbanization and development of digital technologies, on the other hand, challenges have emerged such as climate change, food insecurity, migration, disputed governance of resources, violent extremism, political instability and inequality.

The Seasonal School will introduce participants to a transdisciplinary approach, drawn from the fields of political science, international law, agriculture, political economy, management and health, that will provide integrated knowledge, methodologies and tools to answer the questions that will increasingly guide international research and practice on sustainable development issues in Africa.

Teaching methodologies

Students will be exposed to an interactive learning environment: lectures, round tables and simulations will be used to promote the development of decision-making, communication, and leadership skills. Several International experts will participate, bringing their expertise and mentoring to the participants of the School.

Who should attend this Seasonal School

Highly motivated undergraduate, postgraduate as well as PhD students from different backgrounds: law, political science, management and life sciences who are interested in understanding the current challenges of Africa, from development to security issues.