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Denialism and Conspiracy Theories in EU: Logic and Political Forms.

La data di scadenza è stata prorogata al giorno 12 maggio 2023 con DR n. 274 del 27/04/2023.

  • Area tematica Diritto, welfare & public management
  • Sede Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
  • Scadenza iscrizione 12.05.2023
  • Periodo di svolgimento -
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  • Crediti CFU 2
  • Ore formazione 32
  • Numero massimo di partecipanti 25
  • Quota iscrizione € 100,00

Course description

The summer school will provide an introductory overview, through lectures offered by worldclass experts, on strategies to analyze, decode, and debunk some of the forms of political use of denialism and conspiracy theories.
An interdisciplinary perspective will be adopted, including political theory, political philosophy, history, and political science, in order to offer a wide-ranging analysis of the phenomena being considered.

Course target

The summer school is open to anyone interested in the topic, from undergraduate students, PhD students and post doc to journalists and policymakers. In selecting applications, however, preference will be given to doctoral students and post doc, particularly from the area of political science.

Training objectives

The training objectives are to offer analytical tools that will first and foremost enable the interpretation and decoding of the processes by which denialism and conspiracy theories are used in political terms in order to gain consensus.

Teaching methods

The summer school offers 32 hours of classes spread over 5 days. It will take place at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa. Lectures and seminars activities are provided with face-to-face lectures in order to co-involve participants in the production of papers and presentations. The main preparatory texts will be provided preliminarily.

A final assessment test is foreseen at the penultimate day Summer School.