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Agroecological Crop Management and Crop Protection

  • selection of cover crops for weed management and soil fertility
  • functional biodiversity for crop pollination
  • field margin management for ecosystem service provisioning

Evaluation of cropping system sustainability

  • Indicator development for sustainable cropping systems
  • Product: DEXi-BIOrt, a tool for agro-environmental evaluation of organic horticultural farms (in Italian):




4° webinar, 5 novembre: Sezione “Difesa dalle piante infestanti”


The Agroecology Group has prepared a number of interesting videos showing innovative agroecological applications for sustainable production systems to substitute the farmers-field days during covid emergence (English subtitles are available):


The Agroecology Group presented a nice selection of research themes for children and adults at Bright2018

  • Wild pollinator collection of Dr. Simone Marini. Observing pollen on small bees was quite a surpice to most visitors.
  • Thinking about how wild-fires affect the pollinator community in the Pistoia Valley, as part of a project funded by Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia. This theme was unfortunately too relevant, after the wildfire destroying the Pisa Mountains only few days before.
  • Selecting legume cover crops for relay intercropping with durum wheat to suppress weeds and cover the soil after harvest in July. This PhD project by Federico Leoni is part of the H2020 project IWMPRAISE (Integrated Weed Management: PRActical Implementation and Solutions for Europe) (
  • Presentation of the SoilApp, an app for famers to share their observations on soil health and inform decision-making on soil fertility. This App was developed during the H2020 project CAPSELLA project (Collective Awareness PlatformS for Environmentally-sound Land management based on data technoLogies and Agrobiodiversity) ( Access it here for free: under SPADE TEST function


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