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Termine per la presentazione della domanda: 02.04.2021 11:00

Deadline: April 2nd, 2021 at 11,00 AM (Italian time)


The Sant'Anna Doctoral Program in Economics is a 4-year program designed for highly qualified and motivated students who wish to acquire the research and analytical skills of the international scientific community in Economics. It is primarily intended for students willing to pursue an academic career but also provides professional research skills to work in public and private research institutions.

Students will attend one year and a half of intensive course work, followed by supervised research, yielding to an original dissertation complying with publication standards of international scientific journals.

The training covers most traditional domains of economic analysis (micro, macro, growth, econometrics), and also offers the unique opportunity to study and get involved in research fields often neglected in PhD Courses. Such Advanced and Field topics encompass evolutionary perspectives on economic change, firm-industry dynamics, economics of innovation, agent-based computational economics, economic networks and complexity, economic history and history of economic thought, and a broad range of quantitative tools for the study of big-data and economic dynamics.

Positions and grants:

At least 4 positions of 4 years grants will be available.

Beginning of the PhD Programme: October 1st, 2021

Information Tel:  +39 050.882604



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