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Phd Programs related to L'EMbeDS

Faculty and researchers belonging to the L'EMbeDS community teach courses, supervise students and participate to the faculty boards of several graduate programs - which are also supported by the Department of Excellence through fellowships.

We provided (2018-2022) and provide (2023-2027) continued support to two of the most successful disciplinary graduate programs offered by the Sant'Anna School; the PhD in Economics and the PhD in Management. Both have been classified as “innovative" and "international” by ANVUR, produce high-profile international publications and lead to outstanding placement of their graduates (e.g., Paris I Sorbonne, The New School for Social Research NYC, University of Maastricht, Universidad de Buenos Aires, London School of Economics, Harvard Business School, University of Oxford, Banca Centrale Europea, OECD, UBS, Inter-American Development Bank, Manchester Business School, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Lancaster University Business School, University College of London, European Commission). Notably, Joseph E. Stiglitz, the 2001 Nobel price in Economics, and Mario Draghi, the prior head of the European Central Bank and Italian Prime Minister, both hold PhD in Economics Honoris Causa from Sant'Anna. In the second cycle (2023-2027), L'EMbeDS support will also be extended to the PhD in Health Science, Technology and Management - a new interdisciplinary graduate program of the School. 

In addition, L'EMbeDS reaches beyond the perimeter of Sant'Anna, working with consortia and nation-wide graduate programs aligned with its mission. Specifically, during the first cycle the Department of Excellence supported fellowships in the PhD in Data Science - a consortium which included, in addition to the Sant'Anna School, the Scuola Normale Superiore (which administered the program) the University of Pisa, CNR and the IMT of Lucca. This PhD, too, was classified as both "innovative" and "interdisciplinary" by ANVUR, and represented a highly successful effort to increase interdisciplinary research through a focus on big data-driven domain applications and methods for big data analysis.

Building upon our involvement in the PhD in Data Science, in 2021 we became part of - an ambitious and innovative nation-wide training initiative in AI comprising five PhD programs with a shared foundational and methodological basis, and different specializations in strategic sectors of AI application. During its second cycle, the Department of Excellence will provide continued support for one of these programs, the national PhD in Artificial Intelligence for Society administered by the University of Pisa, of which the Sant'Anna School is a core partner. This program effectively builds upon and expands the interdisciplinary and multi-institutional scope pursued by the PhD in Data Science.