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The Institute of Economics was founded in 2011 taking up the research activities of the Laboratory of Economics and Management (LEM). It carries out research and training activities in the field of empirical and theoretical economics. LEM was established in the late 90s by Giovanni Dosi to host research in the areas of economics, organization theory and empirics, management and corporate strategies, public choice and other aspects of public policy, innovation studies, environment, industrial history and theory, cognitive and artificial sciences. Its approach has always been to welcome interdisciplinary endeavours and to favour dialogue between empirical investigations, theoretical developments and normative contributions - concerning both corporate management and public policies. The Institute continues with this approach, while broadening its lines of research, offering an interdisciplinary environment in which different research interests and competencies, ranging from Economics and Economic History, to Statistics, Physics, Information Sciences and Management meet and can be fruitfully integrated.

Despite its small size, the Institute has achieved important results in terms of research output, which place it in second place in the ranking of Economics Departments of Italian universities according to the latest report published by the Italian Agency for Research Evaluation (ANVUR), and in the top 5% among European economic institutions (cf. The RePEc rankings).
Our researchers are active and broadly connected members of international research and policy networks, through participation in various national and international projects as well as policy initiatives.
In 2018 the Institute was also awarded the prestigious grant of “Department of Excellence” in the area of Economics by the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research. The overarching goal of this department – EMbeDS Economics and Management in the era of Data Science – is to bring Economics and Management in the era of Data Science, leveraging data and tools to bridge the gaps that still exist between complex models, their empirical validation, and their use in policy.

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The Institute of Economics is located on the main building of Sant’Anna School, Piazza Martiri della Libertà 33.
Telephone: +39 050 883343

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