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Aims and activities

The evolution in the agronomic and crop science fields and the need for implementing the technological transfer in the sector, led a group of researchers from the former Institute of Life Sciences to establish in 2022 the new and more focused Crop Science Institute
Crop Science

Since its foundation, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna includes teaching and research activities that refer to the area of Agricultural and Crop Systems. Within the Crop Science area, highly interconnected research activities have been developed, dealing with fundamentals and applied issues.
These activities aim to study the production-related biological processes (for food and non-food purposes), the management and the impacts of traditional and innovative production systems, and the quality of different crops for fresh consumption and processing. Experiments, research and teaching activities integrate the knowledge acquired in the development of standards and techniques for sustainable management of the different production systems, defining the most appropriate technical itineraries to ensure, in different pedoclimatic environments and post-harvest conditions the qualitative and quantitative availability of the products, the enhancement and protection of the agro-environment and biodiversity.