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Training program

  1. Anatomy of the aortic valve complex and pathology of the calcific aortic valve stenosis
  2. Ancillary access strategies
  3. Angio-guided femoral puncture
  4. Anti-thrombotic therapy after TAVR and device thrombosis: where are we now
  5. Aortic regurgitation post-TAVR: how to evaluate and how to manage
  6. Aortic valvuloplasty: when, how and why to do it, with “modern” tips n tricks (radial access, new balloons)
  7. Ballon expandable Vs self-expandable: criteria for choosing the right valve for the right
  8. Ballon Valve Fracture when and how to do it
  9. Cerebral protection during TAVR: how to do it, when and why
  10. condiction distrurbances
  11. Coronary re-access after TAVR: size of the problem, tips n tricks, clinical cases
  12. Criptogenic stroke: clinical and therapeutic update
  13. Cross over balloon occlusion technique
  14. Ct Imaging
  15. Ct imaging for transcatheter aortic valve implantation
  16. CT scan selection of your femoral access
  17. Echocardiographic evaluation of aortic valve stenosis including “difficult” subsets
  18. Echo-guided pericardial drainage
  19. Eco guided femoral puncture
  20. Edwards Ultra aortic valve: device presentation and future developments
  21. Edwards Ultra aortic valve: device presentation and future developments
  22. Edwards Ultra aortic valve: step by step implant, difficult cases, tips n tricks
  23. Embolization of a TAVR valve: how to manage “Case based session” experience from TRAVEL registry
  24. FAST and LIGHT: criteria for shortening in Hospital stay. How to optimize the pathway (pre-post and procedural tips)
  25. Femoral Access How to do the perfect puncture
  26. Focus on: Cusp overlap technique and commissural alignment
  27. Frailty evaluation: the mainstay for appropriateness in elderly patients evaluated for TAVR
  28. Haemostasis strategies
  29. Heart Team in 2022: what is to be discussed and what is not
  30. How to deal and manage with vascular complications: Surgical approach/Percutaneous approach
  31. How to deal with an horizontal aorta: tips n tricks (in particular when you need a self-expanding valve)
  32. How to Implant the valve, my best tips n tricks, focus on commissural alignment
  33. Ischemic stroke: clinical and neuro-imaging focus for interventional cardiologists (embolic vs non embolic)
  34. Large bore femoral access for structural interventions
  35. Live From the surgery
  36. Optimization of the TAVI Patient pathway: The Edwards Benchmark Program
  37. Pacemaker implant after TAVI: sizing of the problem, how to prevent it, how to manage post-TAVI
  38. Patent foramen Ovale Anatomy oriented to percutaneous interventions
  39. Percutaneous management of iatrogenic femoral pseudo-aneurysm
  40. PFO Clinical cases
  41. PFO complex cases tips and tricks
  42. PFO Diagnostic Pathway  ( TTE,TEE,TCD)
  43. PFO Step by step procedure             
  44. PFO: Clinical relevance , patients selection, guidelines
  45. Subclavian arterial access, methodology and tips & tricks: Surgical technique/Percutaneous technique
  46. Surgical treatment of aortic valve stenosis
  47. TAVI for pure aortic regurgitation
  48. TAVI in bicuspid aortic valves: clinical cases
  49. TAVR clinical cases
  50. TAVR in difficult femoral accesses: case-based session, tips n tricks and new devices
  51. TAVR in patients with co-existing mitral insufficiency
  52. TAVR: overview of open problems and actual limits: vascular complications, permanent PM, patient-prosthesis mismatch, durability
  53. TAVR: review from the beginning to contemporary era (modern epidemiology, main studies, trials and guidelines)
  54. TAVR-in-TAVR: general rules and clinical cases
  55. The Acurate Neo aortic valve
  56. The durability of percutaneous prostheses and structural valve deterioration: clinical definitions and state of art
  57. The Evolut Valve: Literature, step by step of the procedure whit my best tips ‘n tricks (video live in the box)
  58. The PORTICO aortic valve: de vice presentation and step by step: (device presentation Abbott RD, literature,implantation techniques)
  59. The S3- Ultra valve device presentation and step by step of the procedure
  60. The valve in valve procedure: overview
  61. Trans Caval access: general perspectives and step by step
  62. Trans-apical and trans-aortic accesses
  63. Valve in valve and TAVI in TAVI: difficult cases (live in the box, BVF, Chimney, Basilica)
  64. When the coronaries are to be protected: Chimney technique and Basilica