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MEPA Description

MEPA is an online Master Programme providing comprehensive advanced learning on electoral processes for current and aspiring election professionals. It targets mid/upper level professionals who want to acquire the specific knowledge and skills to work as election administrators, and/or to work as a part of Election Management Bodies (EMBs).

Boasting the most reputed international experts in this field, the Master Programme is based on the 2014 International IDEA designed “Model Curriculum – Master of Electoral Policy and Administration”, which is piloted for the first time.

Originally, MEPA was intended to be a full-time residential programme. During the inaugural student selection process that took place between September 2014 and January 2015 we received more than 100 applications from highly qualified professionals, mainly from the Global South, and we admitted 28 participants to the programme that was supposed to start in March 2015. Unfortunately, most participants have been unable to secure the necessary funding to cover the tuition fee and the living expenses in Pisa, Italy. At the same time, several applicants have expressed their high interest in attending an online version of the MEPA that would considerably lower the cost of the tuition fee and would allow them to attend the courses from their country of work without leaving their job positions. The Scuola Sant’Anna and its partners believed that, considering the target group and their needs, this was a suitable and efficient way to offer such highly demanded Master programme.

Therefore, MEPA was transformed in a blended learning Master. The new version of the MEPA is then composed by an online component (9 months) and an optional residential component in Pisa (up to three weeks). Internships are encouraged but they are not compulsory in order to earn the Master degree.

 Individual modules are also available, leading to the attainment of a Certificate of Completion of the specific module taken and the respective academic credits.


The degree awarded is First Level Master's Diploma in Electoral Policy and Administration


Certificate of Completion and the respective credits for individual modules.