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The open access Advantage: How open access Improves Your Impact

14 September, 5pm - 6pm Amsterdam / Vienna / Rome

Think publishing in Open Access is a drain on your resources with no derived benefit? Think again! Open Access allows your research to reach a broader audience than just those with access to an institutional library. Not only does Open Access publishing reach more of your core audience, it also reaches educators, practitioners, policymakers, and the media. The more people reading your work, the more impact you have on the progress of science and the betterment of humankind.

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Publish with Wiley: Scientific Writing Tips for Non-Native English Speakers

21 September, 5pm - 6:30 pm Amsterdam / Vienna / Rome

Writing a research paper for an English language journal can be a challenge for non-native English speakers. This session discusses a few tips in grammar/punctuation and a general approach to be taken to improve writing skills.

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Step by Step Guide to Writing a Literature Review

3 October, 8pm - 9pm Amsterdam / Vienna / Rome

A literature review is a survey of scholarly publications on a chosen topic. It provides an overview of current knowledge synthesizing the available up-to-date information. This session discusses the steps involved in accomplishing this sometimes daunting but knowledge-intensive task.

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