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Plant Lab

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Who we are

We are an international team working on several aspects of plant physiology, with emphasis on the molecular basis of plant’s adaptation to a changing environment. We also carry out research aimed to increase the nutraceutical properties of crops.

Where we are

The PLANTLAB is located in via Mariscoglio 34, Pisa, Italy.

Facilities and equipment

The PLANTLAB is equipped with instruments and technologies for plant functional genomic studies, including a Gene Expression Lab, an Imaging Lab with video-confocal microscopy and radiolabel/luciferase/GFP imaging systems, 100 square meters of walk-in growth chambers, Growth Cabinets, and large greenhouses (shared with the University of Pisa). Recently, the PLANTLAB established the NANOPlant laboratory in collaboration with NEST - Scuola Normale Superiore, whose facilities include state-of art confocal end electron microscopy.

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