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Climate change and human rights - New Developments in Law, Litigation and Beyond

climate change and human rights


Deadline for Registration

June 5th, 2023


July 3rd-7th, 2023

Learning objectives

The Seasonal School will introduce participants to the complex interplay between climate change and human rights. Recent legal, judicial and policy developments in the field will be examined, with particular regard to emerging issues such as the protection of vulnerable groups, the gender dimension, the interests of future generations, and the role of business actors. The growing phenomenon of climate litigation will be investigated, with a specific focus on human rights-based cases at the national, regional and international levels. The critical thinking of the participants will be stimulated, and they will be supported in identifying further opportunities to study and/or work in the field.

Teaching methodologies

The Seasonal School is characterised by the use of an integrated methodological approach, combining lectures, group exercises and simulations/role playing. The main goal of such approach is to provide the participants with the opportunity to apply the theoretical skills acquired during the frontal sessions to a practical scenario.

Who should attend this Seasonal School?

The Seasonal School will fill an important gap in the current educational offer of Italian Universities, as well as of many foreign academic institutions. The course is intended for (Italian and foreign) students who already completed a bachelor’s degree and are currently enrolled in a postgraduate programme (e.g. LLM, Master of Arts, Master of Science) as well as PhD students. We welcome and encourage the participation of students from different backgrounds (e.g. law, international relations, political sciences, philosophy, economics).

Coordinator and key teaching staff

Coordinator: Prof. Francesca Capone
Co-coordinators: Dr. Chiara Tea Antoniazzi and Dr. Riccardo Luporini
Key teaching staff: Dr. Christine Bakker, Prof. Giuseppe Martinico, Prof. Mariagrazia Alabrese, Prof. Edoardo Chiti, Prof. Alberto Pirni, Prof. Francesca Biondi