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From minimally invasive surgery to nanorobotics. A voyage in the field of intervention robotics


Deadline for Registration - EXTENDED

May 15th, 2023


June 5th - 9th, 2023

Learning objectives

The Seasonal School will introduce participants to the highly interdisciplinary field of minimally invasive (robotic) interventions. Students will be introduced to intervention robotics, artificial intelligence for medical imaging, smart materials and innovative robotic components, microrobotics and nanomedicine, as well as clinical aspects of minimally invasive interventions. Students will have a chance to discuss the numerous scientific, technological and clinical challenges in the field, and to gain skills in developing innovative technological solutions with a highly multi-disciplinary and holistic approach.

At the end of the Seasonal School, students will be able to:

  1. describe the state of the art and identify the potential future developments of robotics and technologies for minimally invasive interventions;
  2. understand and discuss the scientific, clinical and technological challenges posed by this interdisciplinary research field;
  3. develop innovative solutions to complex scientific-technological problems with a highly multi-disciplinary approach.

Teaching methodologies

Students will find an interactive and multidisciplinary learning environment that facilitates open discussion as well as collective problem solving and teamwork. Students will have a chance to see and taste the experience of cutting-edge research carried on at the BioRobotics Institute and Department of Excellence in Robotics and AI. Several professors and researchers, as well as clinical and industrial experts, will present their experience and interact with the students.

Who should attend this Seasonal School?

Postgraduate and PhD students, with backgrounds in engineering, physics, mathematics, medicine and life sciences, and computer sciences, who are interested in challenging themselves with such a relevant and interdisciplinary field of research.