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PLANETHEALTH - A multidisciplinary approach to preventing and treating the effects of planetary health disruption on human health


Deadline for registration - NEW

March 18th, 2024


April 15th-19th, 2024

Learning objectives

The new goal for worldwide Good Health promotes healthy lifestyles, preventive measures and modern, efficient healthcare for everyone. The Seasonal School will introduce participants to the urgent topic of planetary health, exploring the causal relationship between planet health and human health through a multidisciplinary dialogue between medicine, experimental and social sciences. Climate and environmental determinants of human health and sustainable practices to manage them will be explored. Participants will learn how the management of geographic dimension, time scale, socio-cultural and economic context are tools for improving human healthcare in the context of planetary health. The Seasonal School, moreover, will look at how law, inter-legality, and population monitoring of illness events might help physicians predict health implications. The new technologies in preventing and treating the effects of planetary heath disruption on human health will be thoroughly analysed during the Seasonal School.

At the end of the Seasonal School, students will develop a comprehensive view of the planetary health to adopt new sustainable medical practices and to support global management of patients generated by the planetary climate and environmental emergency.

Teaching methodologies

Students will find an interactive and cross-disciplinary learning environment that facilitate problem solving as well as strong decision-making, strategic communication, and leadership. Several experts will participate to the program presenting their experience.

Who should attend this Seasonal School

Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students from different backgrounds (e.g. medicine, biomedical sciences and nursing science) who are interested in understanding how to prevent and treat the effects of planetary health disruption on human health.

Faculty members

Head of the Seasonal School: Vincenzo Lionetti, Interdisciplinary Research Center "Health Science"

Coordinator of the module on the health of the planet: Marco Frey

Coordinator of the module on the health of humans: Vincenzo Lionetti

Key teaching staff: Mariagrazia Alabrese, Valentina Casieri, Paola De Nuntiis, Laura Ercoli, Alberto Giannoni, Fabio Iraldo, Danilo Menicucci, Sara Moraca, Gianluigi Palombella, Rudy Rossetto, Cesare Stefanini, Pietro Tonutti, Milena Vainieri, Luca Valcarenghi

Planetary Health Alliance teachers: Jelena Malogajski; Jeremy Pivor and Carlos Faerron Guzman