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The network of the regions and the assessment of the performance in healthcare

The Network of Regions has contributed to the dissemination of knowledge of evaluation systems, both nationally and internationally, promoting the most innovative methodologies for measuring, analyzing, sharing and returning performance data.
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The Performance Evaluation System of the Regional Health Systems was born in 2008, as a collaboration network between the Italian Regions. Today it is composed by many Regions and the two Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano.

The network has four main objectives:

  1. to provide the participating organizations with a method of measuring, comparing and representing the level of their healthcare offer;
  2. to strengthen the managerial skills of regional staff regarding the analysis and interpretation of performance data;
  3. to promote systematic benchmarking also on data from non-administrative information sources, such as surveys of employees of health systems or those aimed at users;
  4. to promote the identification and dissemination of best practices within and between the Regions.

Over the last 10 years of activity, the Network of Regions has contributed to the dissemination of knowledge of evaluation systems, at national and international level, promoting the most innovative methodologies for measuring, analyzing, sharing and returning data. of performance.

Furthermore, the Network of Regions supports the regular capacity building process, through the organization of frequent seminars and workshops, in which national and international management experts, policy-makers and managers have the opportunity to exchange views and discuss the results achieved by the Regional Health Systems, the organizational determinants underlying them and the most appropriate governance tools to support the continuous improvement of our Health System.

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