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Performance management in public administration and in the social-health field 

Based on the experience of performance assessment tools in the health sector, the MeS Laboratory conducts researches to promote the planning, management and measurement of performance both in the social health and community pathways (such as in the so-called “Homes of Health”, in the home care and nursing homes), and in general in public administration (such as local and regional institutions). The governance and integration, collaboration and coordination models are analyzed to understand their dynamics and the relationship with organizational performance, using both quantitative and qualitative techniques.
Specifically, a group of over 100 nursing homes in the Tuscany Region voluntarily participates in the performance evaluation system in order to compare their results also considering the evaluations of users, care givers and the experience of employees.
In public administration studies, a particular focus is dedicated to the analysis of organizational performance and the strategic planning system. Through the bench learning and benchmarking process, the Regions (including Tuscany and Umbria) are supported in the development of their planning and governance tools, including satisfaction surveys and experiences of internal and external stakeholders.