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Institutional stakeholders

EMbeDS engages with institutional stakeholder through a variety of initiatives by faculty belonging to the Institute of Economics, the Institute of Management and DIRPOLIS. Selected examples include:

  • The GROWINPRO project (and prior ISIGrowth), centered on the study of monetary, fiscal and mission-oriented policies to promote innovation, productivity and growth -- striving to overcome issues of globalization, finanziarization and inequality. The project interacts closely with National Statistical Offices and European institutions.
  • The IRPES inter-regional healthcare performance evaluation network, comprising ten regions and two autonomous provinces in Italy, whose mission is to document and compare healthcare units performance; strengthen managerial competencies and performance analysis skills; promote benchmarking on non-administrative healthcare data; detect and disseminate best practices -- with the aim of promoting innovative methods to share data, algorithms and techniques to analyze performance.
  • The Observatory on the Green Economy , where institutional and business actors debate issues related to the Green Economy through a 'Policy Table' (institutional approaches and policies, tools to support planning, evaluation and decision making) and a 'Management Table' (business strategies, management and product-related analyses). Among such issues are the circular economy, environmental certification, life cycle assessment and environmental footprinting.
  • The COVID-19 Taskforce of the Italian Ministry for Technological Innovation, established in the Spring of 2020 to explore and evaluate policies to address the health, social and economic emergencies linked to the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy.

We also pursue our role in the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence community (local, national and international) through a variety of institutional agreements. Selected examples include:

  • The CINECA HPC agreement providing access to High-Performance Computing infrastructure (coordinated for Sant'Anna by Andrea Vandin).
  • The CBDAI agreement among the Tuscany Region, CNR, IMT, SNS, SSSA, the University of Florence, the University of Pisa and the University of Siena, to establish a new Regional Center for research, training and technology transfer on Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.
  • An agreement between PagoPA and the Institute of Economics to support PhD fellowships, research grants, postgraduate scholarships and research contracts.
  • Agreements with the Court of Genova and the Court of Pisa to utilize approaches and machine learning pipelines developed within the Predictive Justice project to analyze legal materials and characterize decision-making in civil litigation.