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Multifunction Lab

EMbeDS LAB is a multi-function laboratory equipped with recording technology for the development of online courses and audio/video material, and hardware and software infrastructure for computer-aided behavioral experiments and remote connectivity. The laboratory will be instrumental to research, collaboration and training activities involving EMbeDS researchers, PhD students in Economics, Management and Data Science, as well as other researchers and students of the Sant'Anna School. It will also facilitate connectivity with various public and private stakeholders, and training activities for policy makers and professionals (e.g. through specific "policy laboratories").

EMbeDS LAB hosts sophisticated IT and Audio/Video equipment, a teaching platform (with a large screen, a laptop connected to the screen and a blackboard), a management station and 24 modular workstations (each consisting of a desk + mobile chair and dividers, and equipped with a wireless laptop). The IT and Audio/Video system has the following specifications:
-    1 Intel Xeon Workstation 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 22" LCD Monitor, keyboard and mouse.
-    25 Dell Latitude 5490 i5 7th Laptop, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD.
-    1 Dell Unmanaged Charging Cart - 30 Devices 
-    1 86" 4K Monitor with HDMI connection.
-    2 1080p 60 fps PTZ camera with remote control.
-    Ready for encoding streaming and A/V recording.
-    4 speakers, subwoofer, mixer and audio amplifier.
-    5 Microphones (2 gooseneck, 2 headset and 1 handheld).
-    1 Sound absorbing divider and 24 sound-absorbing screens for workstations

EMbeDS LAB Management
EMbeDS LAB is managed by
1.    Dr. Nicola Bellè (Assistant  Professor of Management), who serves as the Coordinator;
2.    Dr. Cristiana Bettelli and Dr. Daniele Licari (PTA at EMbeDS).
This management group is responsible for
-    planning activities;
-    collecting, evaluating and approving requests for use of the laboratory; 
-    ensuring reservations with the support of the School's classroom management team;
-    planning potential updates and expansions of the infrastructure;
-    defining and potentially updating the rules of operation and access by users;
-    evaluating and arranging potential usage agreements with other institutions;
The laboratory is reserved for activities authorized by the management group.

More information is provided in the downloadable document "EMbeDS Lab Regulation" (In Italian).