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L'EMbeDS Kick-off, March 3rd 2023, starting at 4:00p.m.

The Department of Excellence is starting its second cycle! Please join us for this kick-off event, with presentations about our plans, talks about some of our most interesting research, and an opportunity to spend some time together.
Data pubblicazione: 23.02.2023
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LogoWe are starting our second cycle with a slight change in name -- we will now be L'EMbeDS, to indicate the full integration of the area of Law in our activities. Many other changes are forthcoming, including some to our site.

Our basic mission though will stay the same, and our initiatives will grow building upon the results of the first cycle.

We will continue to promote data- and computation-intensive research in the social sciences, addressing its methodological, social and governance challenges in an interdisciplinary perspective.

L'EMbeDS aims to be a space for the kind of innovation that arises from the convergence of disciplines, fostering the environment and providing the infrastructure needed to create synergies across scientific domains.

The L'EMbeDS 2023 Kick-off event will include general presentations concerning our plans for the second cycle and of our role as part of the Sant'Anna School, as well as scientific talks, and will be open to the whole community of the School.  The event will be held in Aula Magna Storica, Piazza Martiri della Libertà 33, in the afternoon of Friday, March 3rd, 2023.

You could also follow the event remotely at the following link: 

The program is provided below (and in attachment):


4:00 - 4:30 pm gathering of participants

4:30 pm. Introductory remarks: a perspective on the second cycle of the Department of Excellence.

Francesca Chiaromonte, L’EMbeDS Scientific Coordinator.


5:00– 5:30 pm. Living in the Anthropocene: how data and simulations can help to address the climate crisis.

Francesco Lamperti, Institute of Economics and L’EMbeDS

5:30– 6:00 pm. From ownership to access (and back?): the challenge of governing information assets in the data economy.

Caterina Sganga, Institute of Dirpolis and L’EMbeDS

6:00– 6:30 pm. How do we improve your health? From Real-World Data to health policy decisions.

Chiara Seghieri, Institute of Management and L’EMbeDS

6:30– 7:00 pm. Computational approaches to help L’EMbeDS modelers and decision-makers.

Andrea Vandin, Institute of Economics and L’EMbeDS


7:00 pm. Concluding remarks: the Departments of Excellence in the Sant'Anna research framework.

Arianna Menciassi, Vice-Rector.


the concluding remarks will be followed by an Aperitivo..and a chance to mingle.