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A SEMINAR ON "La deriva della Tech Economy"

Data pubblicazione: 17.12.2019
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On Tuesday, December 17th, 2019, the Department of Informatics of the University of Pisa will host an event titled "La deriva della Tech Economy".

Pioneers of the information revolution and of the web imagined that they would bring greater freedom from filters and censorship and greater equality Offering everyone the same opportunities, eliminating intermediation and parasitism, widening democracy, allowing greater participation and greater transparency, would have enriched people's lives with free access to knowledge and public services. In part this has happened, but something seems to have gone wrong; today intermediaries have become powerful, concentrated and sometimes able to condition individuals and society more than in the past.

IT experts like Stefano Quintarelli (an Italian Internet pioneer, former member of parliament who drafted regulatory proposals and authored the book “Immaterial Capitalism. Digital technologies and the new social conflict “); Dino Pedreschi (a scholar of Big Data and phenomena related to social networks); Giuseppe Attardi (a promoter of personal computing and Internet diffusion); and Giorgio Gallo (a former president of the degree program in Science of Peace) will take part in the discussion.

Presentations will be interspersed with recordings of video interviews by economists Shoshana Zuboff, author of the book "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism", and Gabriel Zucman, a collaborator of Senator Elizabeth Warren.



15:00 Giuseppe Attardi e Giorgio Gallo

15:15 Stefano Quintarelli, imprenditore ed ex parlamentare
Capitalismo immateriale

15:45 Shoshana Zuboff, Harward University
Video intervista registrata su Surveillance Capitalism

16:15 Giorgio Gallo, Università di Pisa
Le nostre esperienze, materia prima dell'economia digitale

16:45 Giuseppe Attardi, Università di Pisa
I meccanismi dell'invasione digitale: si può fermare Amazon?

17:15 Gabriel Zucman, University of Berkeley
Video intervista registrata su The Triumph of Injustice

17:30 Dino Pedreschi, Università di Pisa
La dimensione sociale dell'Intelligenza Artificiale


The event is part of "Informatica50", a program of initiatives to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the institution in Pisa of the first degree course in Information Sciences in Italy. It will take place in Sala Gerace, Department of Informatics, at 3.00pm on Tuesday, December 17th, 2019.

The presentations will be streamed at: