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How to apply

Participation in our PhD Programme is contingent upon successfully passing a public competition. All available positions come with a scholarship.
Applicants are not required to contact faculty board members to agree on the supervision of their work. A supervisor for each candidate will be appointed by the Board based on the proposal submitted by the PhD candidates within one month from the start of the programme.

Please read the PhD admission call and the Annex carefully for application requirements and the necessary documents. The application must be submitted online.

Applicants are expected to submit research projects that address at least two of the following research areas: Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Law; Public International Law; European Studies; Political Philosophy. The project proposals must clearly indicate the main research area and a complementary one. It is crucial that both research areas are accurately specified, as this will impact the assessment of the research project, for which the main responsibility lies within the indicated areas.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to visit the research profiles of the faculty members to gain insight into the ongoing research. Ensuring your topic aligns with our capacity for supervision is essential for both your decision to apply to this programme and our admissions decisions.