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About the Library

Our mission

The Sant’Anna Library is the reference point for the teaching and learning needs of the School’s community. These functions are achieved ensuring that high quality scientific information is acquired, updated, managed and readily used. The Library also promotes the knowledge of the information resources and services, and it provides ongoing training for staff.


The Library, established in 1987, is located in the historical setting of Sant’Anna School headquarters, a former Benedictine nunnery of the XVth century. The old refectory of the nuns was turned into a technologically cutting-edge library, equipped with the most innovative services.

In the Library you can take advantage of..

The Library resources are mainly related to the branches of study of the Sant’Anna School. You can access about 80.000 books, 90 current printed periodicals, 68.000 e-journals, 7.300 e-books and 44 online databases.

Books and periodicals are freely accessible from the Library stacks, they’re shelved according to their broad areas of knowledge. A part of the holdings is held out of the Library in external stocks.

Among the different resources available on our website, the main research tool is OneSearch, an advanced system to search and retrieve all our online and printed collections.

Affiliated members can take advantage of computers and printers for bibliographic researches, photocopiers/scanners and the Wi-Fi available throughout the Library.

Servizi Bibliotecari also manages the historical archives of the Conservatorio Sant’Anna, a collection of documents coming from four different monastic institutes and dating back from the year 1086 to 1972.