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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Library

I’m not affiliated with the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, may I access the Library?

Terms and conditions for external users are contained in the Access & Loan page.

How can I get remote assistance on the Library’s services?

In the Services menu, you’ll find all the services provided by the Library and how to get them. For further information contact the librarian in charge of the service for which you need assistance (see the Staff web page).

Which facilities are available in the Library?

The Library offers study seats, workstations for bibliographical research, black & white printers, and photocopiers (to copy or scan documents) that must be used in compliance with the Italian copyright law. A wireless network is available in the reading rooms.

How can I connect my laptop to the wireless network?

In the Library you’ll find two Wi-Fi available: Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and Eduroam. On your laptop, right click on the Wireless network connection item from the taskbar, select and connect to one network. Open an Internet browser, wait for the login page and enter ID and Password of the chosen network. More information on account and password is available here.


May I renew my loans?

You can renew your loans from the personal Account of OneSearch, or the catalogue (see how to do); otherwise you can email the Library within the due date. Length and number of available renewals depend on your Library privileges. If a charged book has been requested by another user, you’re no longer allowed to renew it.

What happens when I return an overdue book?

Your Library privileges will be blocked for the same amount of time as the overdue period, so you will not be able to charge other books or ask for other Library services.

May I request a book checked out?

If you are interested in a book charged to another user, you can place a request on it through the personal Account of OneSearch or the Catalogue (see how to do). When that book will be returned, you’ll be warned by e-mail and the Library staff will keep it for you at the circulation desk for a week. If you’re no longer interested in the requested book, you can delete the request in any moment.

May I charge books from other libraries (University of Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore) in Pisa?

If you have found something you may need to borrow owned by other libraries in Pisa, you may ask to our Interlibrary Loan librarians. They will get in touch with the other Pisa libraries so that you can go straight to pick up the book.

Search Tools

What is OneSearch?

OneSearch is a one-stop solution for the discovery and delivery of local and remote resources, such as printed materials and digital objects. Use the box for the quick search in our homepage, or access the full search here.

What can I find on OneSearch?

You can search, either individually or in an integrated way, the Library catalogue, the E-books collection, the E-journals collections, and other digital resources available in the Primo Central Index.

What can’t I find on OneSearch?

For publishing reasons, a few databases are not searchable through OneSearch; see here the list.

Can I browse OneSearch from home?

Searching OneSearch is free, but to get the full-text of the subscribed documents, you must be connected through the School network. At home, affiliated members with a Sant’Anna School account, can access the VPN connection: use the quick link Off-campus access in our homepage before start searching (see here how to do).

Can I see if a book is charged?

In the OneSearch result list, you’ll see immediately if an item is “Available” or “Charged”. From the catalogue, select the record and click on the underlined “All-items” button: if a “Due date” appears, it means that the book is currently on loan, otherwise “On shelf” will appear.

If I don’t find a book in the Library holdings, where else can I search?

From the OneSearch search box, run your query on the SBART box (just clicking on the icon) to see if the document is owned firstly by the University of Pisa libraries. Then try searching the Pisa Library System MOP, a catalogue which includes the CNR and Scuola Normale Superiore holdings. You can find the MOP link, and other useful catalogue links, listed in this web page.

Digital Collections

Can I access all years of an e-journal?

The full-text articles of licensed e-journals are usually available in a set range of years. The accessible years are stated in the result list. Out of that range of years you will get only article abstracts.

How can I access Library resources from home?

The full-texts of the subscribed collections are available only from the School network. From home, affiliated members with a Sant’Anna School account, can access the VPN connection: use the quick link in our homepage Off-campus access (see here how to do).

Which databases are licensed by the Library?

Our Library owns bibliographical databases (abstracts, citations and tables of contents) as well as full-text document databases (e-journals, proceedings, news, financial data, legal contents etc.). To access the list of databases, click here.

How can I get assistance on databases?

Advanced guides and tutorials about the most used databases are available in the "Help" menù. For a customized support, contact the reference librarian.

What is settled in e-resources license agreements about the use and copyrights of contents?

Terms and conditions are defined in the Copyright page of each database/publisher website (in the page footer). Usually, patrons of subscribing institutions are allowed to display, download and print single documents, or parts of them, only for a personal, non-commercial use. Printing or saving an entire journal issue, supplying non-authorized persons with licensed documents, and commercial use are not allowed.

Interlibrary loan and document delivery ILL/DD

What are Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery services?

When you need a document (book or journal article) not owned by our Library, nor by the Pisa library system, we can provide you with the required document through the cooperation with library networks. We talk about interlibrary loan for books and about document delivery for articles.

Who may apply for an ILL or DD?

These services are for the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna affiliated members and are for free.

How do I submit an Interlibrary Loan or Document Delivery request?

Once checked that the needed item is not owned by our Library nor by the Pisa library system, access the Interlibrary loan & Document delivery web page, and follow the instructions.

Where do I pick up the item I requested?

Journal articles are sent to your email address. Books can be picked up at the Library circulation desk, you’ll be notified by email when the item has arrived.