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ERIS - Emerging Research in International Security

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ERIS is a group addressing emerging fields of research in international/transnational politics, with a focus on regional security, critical geopolitics and political economy. We study conflict and social change with attention to dynamics of peripheralization, control and liberation. Our main research lines cluster around:

  • critical approaches to security: security (and humanitarian) discourses, practices and technologies;
  • reconfigurations of territoriality and regional security models: critical border studies, hybrid security orders, extra-legal economies and resource wars;
  • state formation and transformation: transnational organised crime, terrorism, foreign fighters.

Our research projects focus on the MENA region, the Sahel and West Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and the Balkans. 

ERIS regularly meets in the context of two Pisa-based PhD programs: the PhD Human Rights and Global Politics, and PEI (Political Science, European Politics and International Relations, jointly organized with the Universities of Siena, Pisa and Florence).


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Ongoing projects

  • PRISMA – Promoting Resilient, Inclusive and Safe CoMmunities in the Horn of Africa: in search of mutually beneficial solutions”
  • (2020-22) PREVEX – Preventing Violent Extremism in the Balkans and the MENA: Strengthening Resilience in Enabling Environments, funded by EU H2020
  • (2019-22) FRAGVENT – Fragile states and violent entrepreneurs: conflict, climate, refugees, funded by the Norwegian Research Council

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Recent Publications

Who we are

Francesco Strazzari (Coordinator)
Edoardo Baldaro
Laura Berlingozzi
Francesco Buscemi
Silvia Carenzi
Delina Goxho
Lydia Letsch
Ismini Mathioudaki
Elisa Piras
Ed Stoddard

External Members

Alessandra Russo
Beatrice Autelli
Margherita Belgioioso
Clara della Valle
Sevgi Dogan
Mattia Grandi
Katia Golovko
Michele Gonnelli
Chiara Loschi
Alice Martini
Mario Ragazzi
Huma Saeed
Ervjola Selenica
Francesca Zampagni




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