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Collaborate with The BioRobotics Institute

We are able to offer consulting services in the areas of robotics, enabling technologies, automation, bio-inspired robotics rehabilitation, and energy/environment

Robotica medica

Innovation is one of the three pillars of The BioRobotics Institute. With access to over 40 research-active academics, to a dedicated lab and to state of the art equipment and facilities, we have been helping organisations, the clinical community and industries, find solutions to their technological needs for over 20 years.
The vast knowledge harnessed by the our research Areas and Labs enables us to find the right expertise to address your challenge. The aim is to contribute to the innovation development through the consultancy and research brokering and the transfer of intellectual property.

Work with us

By applying the latest thinking and technology, we can offer consulting services that are tailored specifically to your needs. Our application fields are: robotics, enabling technologies, automation, rehabilitation and implantable technologies, health, ICT, bio-inspired robotics, Energy/Environment. You can collaborate with us in the following ways:

  • Training to company employees;
  • R&D contract;
  • Joint research activities through Institutional grants (e.g., EU, National, Regional programmes);
  • Joint laboratory;
  • PhD/post-graduate fellowships;
  • Framework agreement to carry out joint research activity;
  • Acquisition of Scuola Sant’Anna IP rights.

Contact us

Download the form. Fill it and email it to: In a few days, a member of our Faculty will get in touch with you.

Why Tuscany?

Watch this video prepared by the regional government: why invest in Tuscan ROBOTICS