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Highly specialized consulting and technical assistance to research activities

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The BioRobotics Institute is home of amazing world-class facilities, instruments and equipment. These can be engaged in a variety of projects, ranging from electrophysiological measurements or motion capture to structural testing and analysis, from sensors and actuators micro- and nano-manufacturing to polymer or cell culture synthesis. 
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The Facilities are located in the Polo Sant’Anna Valdera (The BioRobotics Institute’s headquarters). The qualified staff makes available to professors, assistant professors and students high specialization consultancy.

Mechanical Workshop

The Mechanical Workshop is a dedicated facility with a specific expertise in Robotics and supporting all Research lines of The BioRobotics Institute. The machanical workshop carries out several activities such as design, prototyping and equipments development. The goal is to support researchers in the realization of mechanical components not available on the market and exploit the equipment to complete the process of the research prototypes.

Electronic Lab

The Electronic Lab is an advanced electronic design service facility skilled on the design and implementation of electronic systems with particular emphasis on applicability to scientific research. The laboratory is qualified for the development of flexible electronic devices and for the following applications: advanced motor control, read-out and signal conditioning systems, data transmission systems and low power wireless systems.

Clean Room 

The Clean Room supports research activity with advanced equipment and the specific knowledge of the methods of micro-and nano-fabrication. The Clean Room provides for manufacturing technologies and develops skills in the creation of 3D devices.