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Visiting opportunities

Students enrolled in Italian or foreign M.Sc or PhD programs are welcome to spend here an internship period, for study or research. Prospective students can submit a spontaneous application at any time.
The duration of the internship depends both on the student's request and on the availability of visiting positions in the Areas/Labs of the Institute.
In addition to research activities, visiting students can attend courses delivered in the framework of the PhD program in BioRobotics, without any tuition fee.

How to apply 

The request can be addressed to the Institute Secretariat, sending an email to istitutobiorobotica@santannapisa, or directly to a faculty member, enclosing:

Once the internship project will be identified together with the host faculty member, an Agreement between your Sending Institution and us is required, in order to rule the student's position, as well as all administrative, financial and insurance details. There is no deadline for applications but, since the procedure requires some time to be processed, we warmly suggest to apply at least four months before your planned arrival date.
Note that in case of Erasmus learning agreement for the traineeship, all relevant documents have to be shared and signed at least one week before the student's arrival in Italy.
Please be aware that no funds for mobility are available at The BioRobotics Institute, nor salaries are possible for interns. All expenses are at the student's charge. 
The Institute Secretariat will offer administrative and logistic support before and during the internship.

Positions available 

Here you can find a selection of funding to study or to work in Italy in the field of scientific research: fellowship, career advancement, international funding opportunities for Grants.
We are happy to sponsor anyone with a strong track record who would like to apply for their own fellowship or scholarship. There are always positions available for excellent prospective PhD students and postdoctoral staff.

Please check our internal positions: PhD in Biorobotics and other Open Job Positions.

External funding opportunities 

Visiting assessment questionnaire

In order to assess the quality of services provided by the BioRobotics Institute Secretariat, all visitors are kindly asked to fill an evaluation questionnaire.


For further information on visiting opportunities please contact: