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Request books from the Library external stocks

A part of the Library holdings has been moved to two external stocks; every user of the Library can require these items.

How to identify volumes placed in stocks:

  • The first Law books, from D-1 to D-3982, are identified on the Library’s catalogue by the note Aula Magna Storica. Some frequently used books have been kept in the Library, browse the list;
  • Books held in the external stock are identified on the Library’s catalogue by a double call number:
    e.g. Location: A-530; Archivio SSSUP-4793.

How to request and pick up volumes placed in stocks:

  • Once found the book in the catalogue/OneSearch, you need to place a hold request on it (see how to do in the Renewals & Requests page);
  • Books from the Archivio SSSUP are delivered by a courier each Tuesday and Friday. To be sure that the book you’ve requested will be delivered in time, enter the request within Monday and Thursday morning;
  • Books from the Aula Magna Storica are delivered within 24 hours, with the exception of particular situations (convention/courses held in the AMS);
  • You will be warned by e-mail when the book is at the Library’s circulation desk.