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International Law in Times of Crises. Dealing with emergency situations through innovative and interdisciplinary approaches

international law

This thematic area aims – through research, training and capacity building activities – at analysing the main mechanisms for protecting individuals and communities from the multiple crises that characterise contemporary societies. In particular, the thematic area looks at the tools offered by international law, in cooperation with other disciplines, to highlight the main strengths and weaknesses of current protection systems. It explores obligations incumbent upon States both towards the population under their jurisdiction and towards other States and the international community. The thematic area looks at different types of crises, such as climate change, disasters resulting from natural and man-made hazards, armed conflicts, migration flows, the crisis of democratic systems between populism and fake news. The thematic area also looks at tools to strengthen democratic institutions, the rule of law and the protection of human rights in fragile countries and post-conflict areas.

The main sub-thematic areas include:

  • International Human Rights Law
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • International Disaster Law
  • Law on the use of force, collective security law, counter-terrorism law
  • International law and climate change
  • Conflict management and post-conflict recovery, peacekeeping, humanitarian interventions, electoral processes and community stabilisation
  • International and comparative law and migration flows
  • Crisis of contemporary democracies, between populism and fake news
  • The European Union facing contemporary challenges

Ongoing projects

  • Jean Monnet Chair ‘European and International Human Rights Standards in Conflicts and Disasters’ (EIHRSCaD)
  • European Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network – Knowledge for Action in Prevention and Preparedness: EUMA – 'Creating an EUropean Higher Education Network for MAster’s Programmes in Disaster Risk Management’
  • PRO3 Project - ‘Preventing and Managing Flood Events: A Technical-Legal Analysis of the Implementation of Legislation Against Hydro-Geological Instability in Italy’
  • HELP Project - Health Emergencies and Legal Preparedness: Global, Regional and National Approaches

Completed projects

  • Jean Monnet Module ‘European and International Human Rights Standards in Disaster Settings’ (EIHRSDS)