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Final Conference of the "Giustizia Agile" project, led by University of Tuscia

The Conference is scheduled for September 21, 2023 at the University of Tuscia (Viterbo)
Data pubblicazione: 25.08.2023
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L'EMbeDS is proud to promote the final Conference of the project "Giustizia Agile" (For a fair justice: Innovation and efficiency in judicial offices -- Agile Justice) which will include, as organizer and speaker, Prof. Gaetana Morgante, Director of the Dirpolis Institute of the Sant'Anna School and member of our Managing Board.

The project "Giustizia Agile" is a research initiative funded by the Italian Ministry of Justice through PON and PNRR grants. It is coordinated by University of Tuscia (Prof. Rosa Anna Ruggiero) and it involves several Italian universities and research centers .

The project explored and proposed new ways of organizing and managing the work of judges and judicial staff -- using data, indicators, tools, and methods that can improve efficiency and quality by (1) mapping the current state of the judicial system (processes, systems, and resources used to manage pending cases); (2) defining organizational and operational models to improve backlog management; and (3) creating stable and productive collaborations between judicial offices and universities.

"Giustizia Agile" benefited of the direct involvement of the Courts of Appeal of Rome, Perugia and Florence, as well as of the General Inspectorate and the Department for the Digital Transition of the Italian Ministry of Justice.

The final conference, which will take place on September 21, 2023, at the University of Tuscia (Viterbo) will showcase main results and outputs, with a focus on:

  • operational models and data indicators to measure and compare performance across judicial offices
  • work organization models for judges
  • mediation models to resolve disputes and connect restorative justice and criminal procedure
  • the use of data science and AI tools (e.g.; databases on the jurisprudence of merit; large language models in the justice domain; maintenance allowance calculation).

A round table discussion will also be held with representatives from the judiciary, the Ministry of Justice and academia -- to reflect on the challenges and opportunities of implementing these new operational models in the judicial offices, and to strengthen the cooperation between judicial offices and universities.

Those interested in attending this conference can fill the following form.