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We welcome two new PhD students in the Economics and Management programs

Data pubblicazione: 15.01.2024
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Angelo Di Carlo and Shripathy Swaminathan have recently joined L’EMbeDS and the Sant'Anna School as PhD students of two internal PhD programs -- with fellowships funded by the Department of Excellence. Angelo will pursue the PhD in Economics, an internationally renowned 4-year program providing top level research and analytical skills in the domain of Economics. Shripathy will pursue the PhD in Management, Innovation, Sustainability & Healthcare, a 3-year multifaceted program that focuses on models and tools for governance in the areas of innovation, sustainability and healthcare.

The two PhD students, part of the XXXIX cycle, will combine their disciplinary knowledge with key themes of L'EMbeDS to develop innovative research pathways.

Angelo Di Carlo earned a bachelor's degree in Finance from the University of Pisa in 2020, and a Master's degree in Economics from the same university in 2023. For his Master's thesis, he delved into Evolutionary Finance, specifically focusing on non-rational behaviors in financial markets, and exploring the so called Dunning-Kruger effect. His primary research interests revolve around Evolutionary Finance, Behavioral Economics, and Market Selection.

Shripathy Swaminathan earned a Master's degree in Innovation Management through a joint program offered by the University of Trento and the Sant'Anna School. His master's thesis explored the connection between different informal organizational factors in creating a sustainable work climate. Following his Master's, he received a fellowship at Sant'Anna to study 'Consumer response to Green Claims' -- as part of TRICK, a EU HORIZON 2020 project. For his PhD research, Shripathy will investigate corporate sustainability, with a focus on sustainable value creation in the organizational work culture. The purpose of his research is to establish sustainability as a standardized practice for long-term impact on businesses.