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China Studies

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The Institute of Management is very active in projects involving China matters. This research line takes into consideration the new role of Chinese economy and business environment with respect to foreign countries. Specifically, researchers analyze how Chinese market is no more only a recipient of FDI aimed at lowering production costs but it gained the role of source of innovation for both domestic and foreign companies and of generator of upgraded outward FDI. To this purpose the research group studies different areas such as foreign R&D investments in China and Chinese R&D investments abroad, outward flows of Chinese tourists and place branding of Chinese cities, technology transfer between university and industry in China.

Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute in Pisa was born from a collaboration agreement between Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and University of Chongqing signed in Beijing in December 2004, and is part of the network of Confucius Institutes in the world sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education.
The Confucius Institute in Pisa has the task to promote Chinese culture; it is the national benchmark for mutual knowledge, for exchanges and economic activities between Tuscany and China, and for cultural recognition of the Chinese community in Tuscany.
The main activities are:

  • Chinese language courses at various levels (for students, for undergraduate students, for manager, for institutions), held by teachers of Hanban, the Office of Chinese Language Council International, a public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education;
  • Preparation of the exam to obtain the certificate of Chinese language (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi – HSK);
  • Scientific Activities, such as research groups, conferences, seminars, exchanges between teachers, researchers and students;
  • Cultural events, concerts, literary circles, theatrical performances, exhibitions, folklore events and Chinese tradition , films and documentaries;
  • Publication of the results of scientific activity.

Galileo Galilei Italian Institute

The Galileo Galilei Italian Institute (GGII) at Chongqing University was officially inaugurated on the 9th of December 2007 and is one of the results of the cooperation agreement signed between Chongqing University and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in 2004. The Finmeccanica Holding Group, which prides itself as one of Italy’s largest enterprises, and Intesa Sanpaolo, the biggest banking group in Italy, jointly supported the institute in the past years. The Institute takes pride in being named after the founding father of modern science, Galileo Galilei, who was active in Pisa and Florence more than four centuries ago.
We are CILS (Certificate of Italian as Foreign Language) official language examination center in Chongqing and the first one in all of South West China. In our institute have studied more than 300 students.
Team members at the Institute are also readily available to provide information to foreign companies seeking new opportunities locally as well as Chinese companies seeking to enter the European market. Our office develops multiple training projects in cooperation with local partners to promote joint research activities in the academic and industrial sectors. As a bridge between China and Italy, our aim is to promote deeper understanding between our two ancient and fascinating cultures.
Objectives and missions

  • Strengthen the ties between Sant’Anna, Chongqing University and Confucius Institute in Pisa with joint projects and visiting opportunities
  • Promote the Italian culture and language in Chongqing
  • Offer logistic and consultancy support to the Italian academic and business delegations
  • Promote GG/Sant’Anna/Confucius Institute visibility within Chongqing academic, institutional and private sector environments

For general information about these projects and about the relations of the Scuola Sant'Anna with China please contact directly:

+39 050 883178