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Bio-Robotic Ecosystems Laboratory

We develop organism-robot augmented (eco)systems for studying biological systems complexity, sustainable environmental management, bioinspired engineering, life support in extreme and extraterrestrial environments

Bio-Robotic Ecosystems Lab

The Bio-Robotic Ecosystems Lab aims at developing bio-artificial systems emerging from the deep integration of technology elements into life form communities and populations, sharing their abilities collectively in  organism-robot augmented (eco)systems.

Artificial agents interacting with animals and other organisms are used to monitor, manage, repair, or enhance functionality of such biological entities. Conversely, animal intelligence can inform technological systems, enhancing their performance in real-world challenging scenarios. We focus on many biological models ranging from bacteria to vertebrates, with a particular interest in arthropods.
Major goals of such systems are biodiversity  preservation, sustainable environmental  management, life support in extreme and extraterrestrial conditions (e.g. uncontrolled anthropized areas, fast global change, space environments, etc.).

Research is performed by an interdisciplinary workgroup with expertise in biorobotics, automation, mechanical engineering, biology, ethology, ecology, zoology, biotechnology, physics, mechatronics, computer science. The applications are many, ranging from fundamental biological investigation to bioinspired engineering and biohybrid emerging technologies.